Santa Isabel Coffee is the multi-generational work of the Hernandez family.

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The Cocoa Orchards

Our coffee comes from several ranches covering roughly 210 acres in the Cacahuatique Mountains, El Salvador. Cacahuatique comes from the Mayan language meaning, “hill covered in cocoa orchards”. The tradition of growing coffee has been in the family for four generations.

This area is known for its coffee culture and for being the fountain of water to many departments in the country. The humid to the tropical climate, high altitude, and moist soil are all contributing factors to the quality of our coffee. The largest ranch is called the Paulina at 1200 meters above sea level.

We cultivate Bourbon, Pacas, and Catimor in this specific farm. The coffee is processed at another ranch called Santa Isabel, coincidentally it also shares the name of our grand-father Isabel Hernández. Collectively, our ranches produce roughly 800 bags of coffee annually.

Our coffee is ranked in the top 20 best coffees nationally and top 3 in the Cacahuatique Mountains. Our great-grandfather Cesario Hernández started cultivating Bourbon coffee in-between 1950-60. He started the family business with five acres of land. The tradition of growing coffee has been kept in the family for four generations. Our father Victor, was the one truly responsible for expanding the family business by slowly increasing the acreage and establishing relationships with the local coffee cooperative. He was very much loved by our community and was known for being very modest, honest, and for providing sustainable and reliable jobs in the area.

About Us

Carlos and Claudia Hernandez

Owners, Santa Isabel Coffee

The Hernández family coffee ranches are currently managed by our youngest siblings Victor Manuel and Thelma. Manuel’s youth and hard-working character is the driving force behind our business. He is always looking for innovative ways to improve our coffee production and quality. Where Thelma helps with the accountability aspect of coffee production and without a doubt is one of our strongest pillars. Lastly but most importantly, our matriarch is mama Rosa. It is because of her unconditional love and support that we continue striving to improve what our family does best, coffee.